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Turbocharge your Growth

We help you connect and pitch using our proven recepies. With our fresh contact data and strategic
email templates, you’re set up for success. Right person, right message, at the right time.

New hire signals

Welcome new decision makers within their first 90 days as they identify core needs for the future

Funding signals

Congratulate companies on recent funding as they’re about to start allocating their brand new budgets

Bulk search

Connect with people in your target audience using our intelligent search platform with 40+ filters

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Find converting triggers

Instead of wasting your time by making you go through giant data bases with zero results, we identify key events that make prospects more likely to strike new deals, and deliver new batches of contacts to your dashboard every Monday.

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Tope Awotona

Atlanta, GA

Series A

$350M on 1/26/21

Vlad Magdalin

Co-Founder and CEO
San Francisco, CA

Web design and hosting
Series B

$140M on 1/13/21

Grow relationships, not just transactions

We help our clients to form long-term partnerships with their ideal customer base. With Gravity Signals, you can create informed, authentic connections with new prospects.

Less time prospecting, more time closing

After quickly identifying high-probability leads, our system allows you to send personalized email sequences. You can also export a list of contacts and use it with your preferred CRM.

How can we help you?

Whether you’re just starting out as a sales rep or run your own business, there is a solution for you.

Our use cases span across multiple industries and company sizes.

Sales professionals

Welcome new decision makers within their first 90 days as they identify core needs for the future

Executives and founders

Develop strategic partnerships and grow your customer base without wasting huge budgets

VCs and investors

Get the most accurate data by using our advanced search and find new exciting opportunities


Gravity Signals are key.They power our sales representatives to send timely gifts,
start personalized conversations, and spend more time closing.

Kris Rudeegraap CEO of

Our secret to sales intelligence

We built Gravity Signals so you could reach out to new hires and freshly funded startups exactly

when they need your products and services. Get more replies, close more sales.


Instead of uploading a database with millions of contacts, we zero in on a select number of perfect matches based on your goals.


Nobody likes cold calling - start warm conversations with new contacts by using relevant information.


Use our additional tools such as Gravity Contact Extractor and Gravity Email Enrich to get more insights and shorten sales cycle.


Find companies in your
target markets

Target recently funded companies or use our advanced filters: location, industry, business model, employee headcount, etc. Already know your audience? Upload a list of your target companies, and we’ll take it from there.


Identify key contacts

Define your ideal prospect: search by title, department, seniority, and other parameters. Our database is being updated in real time to reflect the most recent changes so you could get actionable insights


Select Your Plan

Depending on your business needs, you can select a plan to fit your needs. Our free membership includes 50 free signals a week and complimentary data drops. Need a custom approach? Schedule a demo with us.


Reach out to your

Every Monday morning, your personalized leads will show up in your dashboard. Email them directly from our platform using proven templates or export the list as a .csv file and intergate it in your own workflow.