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Gravity tracks key milestones during a founder’s journey so you can be one step ahead of the competition and leverage data that is hard to find using other data sources.

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Be The First To Know When Founders Leave To Start New Companies

Track the real-time talent movements across millions of companies to uncover when world-class talent leaves to start something new.

Discover A Talented Founder On Day Zero

Uncover Founder DNA™ and track insights such as technical expertise, work experience, prior successful exits, education and skill levels at scale.

Identify Founders And Companies Who Actually Need Your Services

Leverage data points such as technical vs non-technical to spot founders who may need to supplement their weaknesses with your development or marketing expertise.

Uncover Insights On Startups In Stealthmode

Thousands of new companies are operating in stealth mode to avoid public attention. We track their web presence so you can know the moment they launch.

Target Startups Who Recently Received Venture Funding

Recently funded companies need your services and support to continue to fuel their growth. We uncover the leadership teams behind these rocket ships.

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