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New executives spend 70% of their budgets within their first 90 days.
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Matt Francis

CTO at Gamestop

March 2021 - present


Start your Monday by checking Gravity dashboard to see a list of contacts with brand new roles

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Quality over quantity

Monitor new hires in desired fields,

functions, and roles

Craft a welcoming message that

congratulates them on a new role

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email, direct dial, and social profiles)

Be on time: new execs

inherit budgets to make valuable changes

Build your ideal audience

Focus your efforts on the customer type that makes sense for your business. It’s proven that top

20% of all leads tend to generate 80% of total revenue. We help you identify these quality prospects.



Receive suggestions on how to broaden your reach across different roles and sectors. You can apply additional filters based on locations and other parameters.

Custom audience

Need the perfect list? Try custom search using multiple filters to find whom to contact next, or schedule an enterprise demo with our team.

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Why new hires?

There are usually a few key reasons why companies are looking for fresh talent. Use these signals to

reach out before your competition.

Internal changes

Restructuring processes, ending prior contracts, and reorganizing teams to chart a new course

Market expansion

Growth and expansion into new markets and locations that requires new team mebers

New products

Releasing new features, products or services that require a bigger team or additional specialists

Our recipies for success

Use multiple approaches to get more responses


Congratulate a new hire on their exciting role and use it as a way to introduce yourself and your services


Reach out to an old lead who has recently changed jobs as they now might be in a position to buy

Be social

Improve response rates by reaching out across multiple channels: email, phone, LinkedIn, and social media


more likely to reply


change jobs every year


more likely to convert

New hires are your
most valuable leads

We help you save countless hours and dollars by delivering high-quality weekly signals - relevant contacts with a reason to reach out

Receive quick, genuine replies

Thank you for connecting!
It’s my pleasure to be a part of your network

We give you tips on how to approach new prospects
and form authentic connections

Thank you for reaching out!
Yes I’m thrilled about this job
Wow thanks for noticing!
I’m excited for a change