Relying Solely On Your Network to Find Deals Used to Work in 2020

Welcome to the data driven age of sourcing, where we provide you with the data and insights that allow you to see all the opportunities you’re missing before the rest of the world.

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How Leading VCs Source and Stay Ahead of Innovation

Discover & connect with promising founders

  • Identify companies before they become mainstream leveraging Gravity’s signals and data feeds

  • Build targeted lists with advanced tags and FounderDNA filters such founders with prior exits or who have built successful companies before

  • Access verified contact information for every company and easily connect with founders with one click from the platform.

Gravity helps VC uncover a company’s FounderDNA™

Gravity helps you answer the following questions…
  • Which founders have had a prior exit?

  • Who just left a prominent role at a key industry player?

  • Which founders domain expertise align to what they just launched?

  • Can gender, age, or geographical location help me identify underrepresented founders who may not be in my network?

How VCs use Gravity to understand a holistic view of startups

  • They see all relevant brand new companies that match their investment thesis

  • They rigorously keep track of all companies receiving funding

  • They keep track of all stealth startup activity

  • They quickly spot promising founding teams behind these new startups using FounderDNA

Gravity’s Data Feeds
Uncover Startups With Signals

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New Companies

Be the first to know when new companies launch

Explore New Companies
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Recently Funded Companies

Identify, prioritize, and engage with recently funded founders

Explore Recently Funded Companies
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Stealth Activity

Completely automate tracking startup stealth activity

Explore Stealth Activity
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Hiring and Growth Trends

Uncover a wealth of information on growth and hiring trends

Explore Hiring and Growth Trends

Use Our Data or Get Left Behind

Gravity will help you stay ahead of the fast moving startup landscape by uncovering startups backed by world class founders

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