Fastest Growing Accounting team in San Francisco

Out of 43011 companies in San Francisco here are the top 5.

Over the last 2 years after looking at Millions of Company and Billions of Data points we can confidently present you with. The top 5 Fastest Accounting employees in the San Francisco Area. What's really amazing has been the variety of data we have collected. People from every industry have been coming to San Francisco and the growth over the last 2 years is massive. Below you can see companies like Algolia and HOVER Inc., really explode in the onboarding and lead the pack of the entire area.
Employee Growth
Job Links
1 Algolia $184.22M 16+ 52%
2 HOVER Inc. Computer Software ??? 290+ 37%
3 Stripe Internet ??? 2960+ 34%
4 iRhythm Technologies, Inc. Medical Devices ??? 730+ 32%
5 AppDirect Internet ??? 580+ 30%