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“More than 75% of venture capital and early-stage investment decisions will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics by 2025” - Gartner

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Be the first to know when founders Leave To start new companies

Track the real-time talent movements across millions of companies to uncover when world-class talent leaves to start something new.

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Uncover Founder DNA™ and track insights such as technical expertise, work experience, prior successful exits, education and skill levels at scale.

Identify underrepresented founders

Leverage data points such as age, gender, ethnicity and location to spot founders who would normally be overlooked.

Uncover insights on startups in stealthmode

Over 1,000 new companies are created each month and operating in stealth to avoid public attention. Leverage data based of their web presence to uncover clues as to what they are launching.

Bet the Jockey not the Horse.

In most cases seed stage companies do not have enough data points to understand the potential opportunity and investment. If you believe that great founders make great companies then we can help you.

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Founder DNA™ Signals

Serial Founder
Technical Founder
Prior Exit
Former FANNG
Doctoral Degree
Master Degree
Top 10 Education

Additional Data Points

First Name
Last Name
Work Email
Personal Email
LinkedIn Profile
Personal Twitter
Founding Date
Current Tenure
Personal Location
Company Name
Website URL
Company Domain
LinkedIn Company URL
Employee Headcount
Year Founded
Company Incorporation Status
Company Size

Frequently asked questions

We leverage machine learning, web crawlers, primary sources, and natural language processing to extract and process data from over 50 data sources such as press releases, product launches, legal filings, social media and other websites. Our team then verifies the results prior to delivery so you can source with conviction.
This all depends on new business creation and web activity over the month. We track over 10M companies per month and at our peak, we have picked up over 25,000 new companies and founders in a single month across the globe. It's not worth your time to check out Bob and his new burger joint so we run NLP on site pages to strictly focus on "fundable startups" in order to make the data set digestible. This also allows us to pass over service based and lifestyle businesses where it makes sense.
When you sign up for free you will be given access to exclusive data drops and experimental data sets. This should give you a good sense of our team's data capabilities. We don't offer a formal trial but we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you truly are dissatisfied, we will refund your money no questions asked - you keep the data... We got more where that came from.
Early stage data is messy and early indications of a company momentum is hard to find. FounderDNA is the best possible way to quantify the likelihood of early stage success. FounderDNA characteristics are smart signals such as founder industry and leading experience, professional and educational background, prior exits, skills, gender, age, and more. All ways use data to aid in your gut decision by tackling a founder first, market second approach to sourcing. We analyze these data points as a way to codify your preferences which allow you to cut through the noise and find exactly what and who you are looking for.
Let's do it. This is how our business started and we still work with large enterprise clients across venture capital, private equity, banking, B2B sales and cybersecurity industries. Please reach out and we can discuss more!

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