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Tope Awotona

Atlanta, GA

Series A

$350M on 1/26/21

Vlad Magdalin

Co-Founder and CEO
San Francisco, CA

Web design and hosting
Series B

$140M on 1/13/21

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Tope Awotona


Atlanta, GA


Series A

$350M on 1/26/21

Vlad Magdalin


San Francisco, CA


Series B

$140M on 1/13/21

Scott Purcell


Las Vegas, Nevada


Series B

$107M on 6/22/2022

Gero Keil


Berlin, Germany


Pre Seed

$1.7M on 1/28/21

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Proof of concept and MVP, hiring key members of the team

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$1-10 MM


Market expansion, revenue growth, hiring

$10-50 MM


International markets, aquiring other businesses

> $50 MM

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Kris Rudeegraap CEO of

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question, please contact us.

Do you provide contact information?

Yes. We provide verified corporate email addresses and LinkedIn Profile URLs for the founding members of each company. No need to hunt for emails – we have done that all for you!

What industries are included in the data feeds?

We track every single company that gets funded each month across all industries. We also profile the characteristic of the founders from each company. To easily find companies in certain industries, you can filter and sort by specific keywords or industries, e.g. "fintech“ or “SaaS” within the interface.

How is Gravity different from competitors?

Our monthly Funding Signals feeds are the only product out there that tracks every company funded each month as well as the founding team at each company with their verified contact information. Many sources either just have company funding data or contact data for employees that miss out on timely signals such as a recent funding event. We have both and have not seen anyone in the marketplace have the relevant data points that we have.

How many companies get funded each month?

This usually depends on the deal flow and private market conditions for each month. Typically, it is around 2000-5000 founders and companies per month across all funding rounds.

How many contacts will I receive?

Each company could have multiple individuals profiled if they are apart of the founding team. We focus on tracking key leadership and uncover the FounderDNATM of each profiled founder.

Are funding rounds from the US only or other countries also?

We are globally tracking companies and founders in the US and outside the US. There is also the ability to filter by specific geographical locations within the interface.

Is there a trial or free version?

We do offer a 14-day free trial when you sign up. You can also download a sample from a prior month here. Generally, the format of the output will look the same.

Have any additional questions?

Please book a demo with one of our team members to help you with any additional questions you may have.


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