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Gravity helps you turn a list of companies into a wealth of information on growth and hiring trends.

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Gravity’s growth signals provide insights for early stage investors, M&A, and corporate innovation teams

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Understand The Growth And Burn Rate Of Companies At Scale Down To The Department Level

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Assess the risk or quality of a list of companies for your partnership, investment or M&A activities

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Enrich your investment pipeline for headcount data to spot the fastest growing companies in a certain industry

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Benchmark company growth and financial performance across sectors with employee headcount data.

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For many investors and business professionals, having headcount data and growth insights about your competitors, vendors, or potential investments will lead to making smarter decisions. Gravity helps to enrich the 30,000 companies in our CRM pipeline with hiring trends data which allows us to sift through the noise and find the fastest growing companies in our industry. This is data we couldn’t find anywhere else at this scale.

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